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Trunk Panel Fabrication

The following pics show how I formed the trunk panel below the trunk lid on a 1930 coupe body. The reproduction panels are all very poorly made and do not match the Ford detail drawing from the archives.

Reproduction panels have the upper hem flange formed on a simple straight break, and afterwards the plan view sweep of the panel is put in. This is easy to manufacture, but unfortunately it is dimensionally wrong and causes the gap between the bottom of the trunk lid and the panel to be considerably uneven (more than 1/8th inch of variation from center to end).

The trunk lid will crash into the outboard corners of the reproduction panel if the gap is adjusted properly at vehicle centerline. If the gap is adjusted for clearance at the outboard ends there will be excessive clearance at the center. In either case it will not be possible to achieve the original uniform gap between the trunk lid and the panel.

The original Ford detail drawing for the panel shows both a plan view and rear view sweep (1/8 inch) at the top of the panel at the hem flange. In order to duplicate this, I obtained a reproduction panel without the hem folded, and folded it myself over a homemade jig fabricated to Ford dimensions. The hole locations were also laid out per the original Ford detail drawings.

This is the hem flange bending form which I made for the upper panel flange. It is constructed of steel tubing and angle iron and is designed to achieve the proper plan view and rear view sweep on the upper flange.

Another view. The panel was put on the form and secured at the bottom with a series of clamps while the upper flange was formed. The contour was created by the angle iron which was ground and fitted to match the drawing profile.

This is a view of the original support braces which also have to mount inside the panel.

This is the trunk panel after rework to the Ford drawing dimensions and the addition of the proper mounting hole reinforcements.

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