1930 Model A Coupe

Model A Ford Garage

Body Assembly

The following pics show how I assembled my 1930 coupe body after completely stripping and e-coat priming it. The floor assembly was reassembled first with machine screws, and then they were replaced with rivets one at a time.

The rivets were set using a bucking bar with the original waffle pattern, and a head set in a pneumatic rivet gun. The body structure and panels were assembled in a similar manner first with screws and then rivets.

I made this roll-around from 2 inch tubing and the mounting holes are carefully laid out to Ford frame drawing dimensions. Works great.

Side Rails. These are reproduction stampings which were reworked somewhat and had all the holes installed per the original Ford detail drawings from the Benson Ford Research Center.

Side rails and cross sills loosely positioned. The front cross sill and seat riser is original. The others are reproductions made to the original Ford drawings.

Trunk floor assembled. All the wood body blocks and pads are used with this assembly fixture also.

Floor structure.

Close up of floor and seat riser structure! All the rivet holes in all the panels were either laid out per original Ford detail drawings, or were carefully transferred from original parts.

Underside view of floor pan assembly.

Steel going up! The uprights are originals which had some reconstruction and repairs at the bottom attachments.

Cowl fits nice too!

Wood structure was all made to original Ford drawings from the Benson Ford Research Center. Some was reproduction wood which was reworked to match the drawings. It all fit and assembled nicely when made to print.

Fitting RH side!

Fitting LH side!

Oh Yeah! That's what it used to look like!

Another view.

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November 2003