1930 Model A Coupe

Model A Ford Garage

Roof Wood Construction

Pictured above are the metal top brackets used to attach the top and side wood in the coupe.

Brackets are arranged from rear to front, top to bottom in this pic.

The wood is attached with carriage bolts and washers and square nuts through holes in the wood. The brackets are also secured with slotted flat head wood screws.

These are the brackets at the front sides used to secure the wood side rails to the front cowl header.

Shown above is the basic side and top wood arrangement and brackets secured to the cowl header.

This pic above shows the LH side wood and front bracket attached to the front cowl header.

Also note the groove machined in the front wood header for routing the dome lamp wire.

This is an inside view of the RH front bracket and side wood attached to the front header and the various bracket screws.

Pictured above is the front view of the RH header corner showing the screws from the inner bracket secured to the header.

The pic above shows the RH front header with the visor installed.

the top rear edge of the visor is nailed to the top of the header wood.

Shown above is the rear window opening wood and the position of the attaching brackets. (LH side shown)

The sheetmetal is also nailed to the wood in the glass channel area of the rear glass.

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November 2003