1930 Model A Coupe

Model A Ford Garage

Trunk Compartment Construction

The following pics show how the various trunk panels are arranged on a 1930 coupe body. The panels are shown assembled with screws during fitting, and those requiring rivets were later installed after stripping, e-coat priming, and reassembly.

Panels are just mocked up in position with screws in these pics, not riveted. I had to rebuild the rear quarters and the entire bottom 2 inches of the body. It's a combination of original, reproduction, and hand fabricated panels. Hole locations were either laid out per original Ford detail drawings, or were carefully transferred from original parts.

General arrangement, drivers side. This view also shows the hole and wear plate in the upper rain gutter for mounting the trunk support arm bolt which the slider arm engages.

This is a plan view of the drip rail passing through the curved trunk panel. This is similar but different than a curved rumble panel. Drivers side.

Close-up of the junction of the panels. Drivers side.

Underside long view of the panels. Looking towards drivers side.

This is an underside view of the rear tire support braces, and the original reinforcements for the under trunk lid panel. Looking towards drivers side. See the Panel Fabrication page for details on the outer panel.

View showing the forward end of the tire support brace sandwiched between the trunk floor riser and the curved inner panel. Looking towards drivers side.

Close-up underside view of the panels showing the trunk drip rail extending through. Looking towards drivers side. The brown triangular reproduction piece required quite of bit of rework to match the Ford part drawing dimensionally.

The brown brace is just propped up. It installs in the approximate location shown. This reproduction part required complete rework of the bottom shape and hole locations to match the Ford part drawing.

Upper trunk corner showing panel overlap and rivet location. The trunk hinge pivot bolt hole is also seen in this pic.

This is the trunk lid hinge pins and mounting brackets which are attached at the upper hole locations of the opening using flat head screws and hex nuts.

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