Over the years I have driven a Model A thousands of miles while touring with a group or on my own. The more interesting trips were those that involved innovative, roadside repairs.

Somewhere along the way I got the idea that it would be neat to find a barn fresh car and take off across country with it. I found just such a car in 2000 while crossing the country with The Great Race.

It was not in a dusty old barn but it was far enough from home and had been setting unused long enough to qualify. The car was not for sale but I stayed in touch and held on to my dream until I was able to buy it.

This is the only picture I saved when I looked at the car in 2000. It is an unrestored 31 Slant Windshield Town Sedan with factory side mounts.

The car has been out of service for many years. It was in pretty good condition when it was put away years ago. We will see if it is up to a long stroll along the byways.

It still looks pretty good because it has not been used and has been in good storage.

We are pretty sure that the only work done on the original car was engine, paint and tires In 1969.

The car was sold new by Dawson Brothers Motors in Canistota, South Dakota. I spoke with Donald Dawson, a son of one of the owners and plan to meet with him at the site of the old dealership. The building is gone and only a slab remains.

I will get a picture of him and the car there. He also said he would try to find a memento from the dealership for me.

I also spoke with the 3rd owner of the car, a grandson of the second owner, and plan to visit with him. He is now 76 years old and still living in the area where the car was sold.

The plan is to drop off the rental car and drive the Model A back to Peoria, Illinois. I am taking a bag of tools and small parts. I will buy a battery, oil and miscellaneous supplies when I get there. I hope to get the car road ready in a day.

August 2006

On the Road Again!

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