1944 German G28T Model B

Model A Ford Garage

Portable Engine Air Compressor

The following eBay pics are of a factory-built German portable air compressor powered by a German Ford-Köln G28T engine (Model B engine variation).

The G28T engine was an improved Model B engine produced by Ford-Köln in Germany in the 1940's and 1950's. The G28T engine was used primarily in German Ford Ruhr trucks and Claas Mähdrescher agricultural combines built after 1942.

This compressor engine runs on two cylinders and pumps air on the other two cylinders.

This compressor was made in Germany by Irmer & Elze in 1944, and is something along the same lines as the Gordon-Smith Model A and B engine air compressors made in the USA.

This is a '28' Serial Number prefix engine, indicating a 1942 G28T series engine. The '28' prefix is also found on other G28T engine serial numbers.

Also note the Ford script cast in the block below the serial number pad, as well as the "EB" logo mark of Eisenwerk Brühl, the German foundry that produced the block casting for Ford Köln.

Lubrication instructions on the inside of the hood.

Great warning plate!
"How many times do I have to tell you? Keep the hood closed, dummkopf!"

Interestingly, this compressor runs on cylinders 1 & 2, and pumps air on cylinders 3 & 4.

Note the water cooling jacket on the compressed air outlet in the pics above and below.

Also, this engine has the cast aluminum G28T oil pan, rather than the earlier stamped steel Model B oil pan.

Note the dual float bowl downdraft carburetor above, with one gravity fuel feed from the tank, and one feed from the fuel pump on the engine.

Also note the cam-driven governor and unloader connected to the carburetor.

Also interesting is the upward compressed air exhaust exit, with the water cooling connection below it going to the radiator.

These old Ford engines sure are simple!

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