German 1939 - 1948 Ford Köln Lastwagen Truck

Model A Ford Garage

Model BB & G28T Parts Catalog

This is the Ford Köln Ersatzteil-Katalog fur Lastwagen V8 und 4 Zylinder, 1939-1948.

This truck spare parts catalog includes the major chassis and driveline components of many Model BB LKW truck models including the Ruhr, B3000, G987T, G087TG, G188T, G188TG, G388T, and G388TG, in addition to their V8 counterparts.

The G28T engine was first introduced in 1942, and was based on the German (and US) Model B engine. The primary internal improvement of the G28T was the introduction of pressure oiling and factory shell insert bearings, replacing the poured babbitt of the Model B engine.

The G28T engine production continued until 1958 for industrial and agricultural uses such as in the Claas Mähdrescher combines.

Extracted below are all the pages relating to the Model B engine and the improved G28T engine. Note the seldom found part numbers for such items as the insert bearing shells.

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