1944 German G28T Model B

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Stationary Motor-Generator Set

The following eBay pics are of a factory-built German stationary motor-generator set powered by a German Ford-Köln G28T engine. This set was listed for sale on eBay Germany in 2016, and was later purchased by a Ford enthusiast in Heidelberg.

The G28T engine was an improved Model B engine produced by Ford-Köln in Germany in the 1940's and 1950's. The G28T engine was used primarily in German Ford Ruhr trucks and Claas Mähdrescher combines built beginning in 1942.

Note the Bosch distributor, 14mm spark plugs, and possible Solex carburetor, all proper equipment for this engine in this era.

Also note the cam-driven governor and unloader connected to the carburetor.

Also, this engine has the early style cast aluminum G28T oil pan, rather than the earlier stamped steel Model B oil pan, or the later G28T aluminum pan with the revised rear bearing seal.

Note the G28T water inlet casting to enable the use of the longer G28T 12 volt starter motor.

Close up of the G28T water inlet casting.

This is a ☆28☆5423927☆ serial number engine, indicating a 1942 G28T series Köln engine. The ☆28☆ prefix is also found on many other G28T engine serial numbers.

Also note the Ford script cast into the block below the serial number pad, as well as the "EB" logo mark of Eisenwerk Brühl, the German foundry that produced the block casting for Ford-Köln.

The radiator and hose plumbing appear to be later replacements.

No fuel pump was used. A gravity fuel tank was located in the electrical compartment to the rear of the flywheel.

The generator and electrical equipment was produced by BBC, (Brown, Boveri, & Cie), today a modern global manufacturer of electrical equipment and industrial robots under the ABB name (ASEA Brown Boveri).

24 KVA, 400 Volts, 34 Amps, 50 Hz three phase power! That ought to get the job done!

Motor generator set data plate indicates a 1944 production date.
The casting date on the engine block is July 15, 1943.

Compare this to the instrument panel on a Model A or B!

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