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Gleaner Baldwin Combine

Many Model A enthusiasts are not aware that the Model A engine was used in the production of new Gleaner Baldwin combines starting in 1930.

The earlier 1929 Gleaner Baldwin combines were offered with Continental W4, W5, and W9 four cylinder engines.

The 1930-1935 Model A and Model R combines had Model A Ford engines.

The Gleaner Baldwin Models NA and NR were offered with Model A engines from 1936 until 1938. Models E-F-9H-9J were offered from 1939-1943.

Shown above is the typical engine diagram shown in the late 1930's Gleaner parts books.

The Model A engine was mounted in a nice frame structure with a 1928 style radiator shell and coupled to a Twin-Discs Power Take-Off unit. Also shown is the Kingston carburetor, cam driven governor, Mallory distributor, and straight rear exit exhaust manifold. These units also used a unique radiator and riveted fan assembly on a cast iron hub, not genuine Ford equipment.

These power units are sought after for rebuilding since they usually result in a nice stock bore engine with no damage. This is due to the fact that these combines were only used for short periods each year, and were used under generally consistent conditions and not abused like car and truck engines were.

These combines are one of the sources of "diamond block" engines, which were produced after the end of regular Model A production, and which had factory installed hard exhaust valve seats, and are often found with Model B camshafts, and often un-numbered serial number pads.

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