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Gear Shift Lever Ball Variations

Shown here are a few variations and usages of the Model A, B, and V8 gear shift lever balls, as researched at the Ford archives.

Pictured below is the first style Model A transmission gear shift lever ball, part number A-7213. This ball is commonly known as the "mushroom" gear shift lever ball. Its drawing is dated November 2, 1927. It is a Black phenolic construction with a threaded steel insert.

Note that this early ball also has the internal 5/16 threaded steel hex insert which is a characteristic of all original Model A and B Ford gear shift balls, and is not found correctly duplicated in reproductions.

The mushroom shaped shift lever ball was redesigned on April 3, 1928, and changed to the familiar round Black phenolic gear shift lever ball with its distinctive rib, which makes it look like a "Tootsie Pop" candy!

Pictured above are three views of the typical Black round phenolic shift lever ball, also showing the threaded steel hex insert and the detail of the rib. Many well-used shift lever balls have the rib substantially worn down and smoothed out, compared to the original condition.

The round Black ball was used for the remainder of Model A production, and was renumbered to B-7213-A for use on the 1932 Model B Ford. There was also a B-7213-B round Taupe colored version which had some limited use on Model B Fords, and later on 1935 deluxe models.

The B-7213-A round Black shift lever ball had continued usage on all 1933 and 1934 model Fords, as well as on 1935 and 1936 standard models.

Pictured above and below is the 68-7213 shift lever ball, similar to that of the Model A, except molded in Benton Gray color. This ball was released in November 1935 and used on 1936 deluxe models, while standard models used black.

In April-May 1936, the round ball was was replaced with the 68-7213-B plain V8 style large mushroom ball, also in Benton Gray color.

The Benton Gray plain large mushroom style was then later replaced by the 68-7213-C ball which was a Black mushroom style which also had the V8 logo molded on the top surface.

The V8 logo mushroom style shape was continued through 1939. Additional colors of the V8 logo ball were also produced.

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