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One of the rarest Model A Ford accessories is the Ruckstell Dual (Two-Quiet) High Transmission, which is a three speed overdrive transmission and is a drop-in replacement for the original Ford three speed.

The following description of the Ruckstell Dual High transmission is taken from Ruckstell literature and articles published in June 1931.

The Ruckstell Two-Quiet-High Transmission provides in a completely assembled, interchangeable unit, the most modern engineering developments of today's highest-priced cars.

A 25% faster low, a silent second gear for ordinary city driving, with a remarkable range of 5 to 55 or 60 miles per hour, and a vibrationless overdrive high gear with a 25% reduction in engine speed, are provided by this unit.

In addition, it supplies a true synchonous-mesh gear shift permitting shifting from low to second, second to high, or high to second at any road or motor speed with absolutely no gear clash.

As seen above, the transmission fluid fill plug is in the stock location, but the emergency brake handle mounting bosses are moved from the shift tower casting onto the transmission case in the Ruckstell design.

A close-up view of the Ruckstell data plate, showing the application specifically for the Model A Ford Car. The serial number would indicate that at least 3100 units were produced.

As pictured above and below, the transmission case and front bearing retainer mates to the stock Ford clutch (bell) housing and throw-out bearing hub.

Transmission rear bearing retainer shown above mates to the stock Ford universal joint cover and housing.

The transmission main shaft output spline mates to the stock Ford universal joint, retainer washer, and bolt.

Pictured above is the two rail shifter arrangement, generally similar to the Ford design. In the case of the Ruckstell, the shift rails and forks are mounted in the transmission case rather that the shifter top.

The shift tower and lever assembly is shown above, and is similar to the Ford design, except it consists of the shifter only, and not the rails and forks.

Shift lever retention concept, spring, and retainer is similar to original Ford design.

Rear of shifter tower casting is marked with the word 'Rear'.

Front of shifter tower casting marked with the Ruckstell casting number.

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