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Transmission Case Variations

Here is a pic of the basic 1932 Model B four cylinder transmission case. Unlike the Model A, the Model B integrated the transmission case and the clutch housing into a single casting.

Internally, all of the gears, bearings, and shafts are interchangeable with those used in the V8 transmission. The transmission cases themselves however are different between the four cylinder and the V8, as well as between 1932 and 1933-34.

Additionally, many people also are not aware that the 1932 Model B and 1933-1934 Model 46 flywheel housings are different and not fully interchangeable with each other.

The proper flywheel housing is determined by the vehicle usage as well as the transmission case style.

The pic above shows the 1932 Model B transmission case mounted to a 1932 Model B flywheel housing.

The Model B uses a flywheel housing which has separate steady rods and mounting brackets bolted on each side.

The pic above shows the 1933-1934 Model 46 transmission case mounted to a 1933-1934 Model 46 flywheel housing.

The Model 46 uses a flywheel housing which has the steady rods mounted directly to holes passing through the flywheel housing in the fore-aft direction. There were no separate steady rod brackets.

The Model 46 transmission case has a corresponding clearance notch in the bolt flange to provide clearance to the steady rod mounting in the flywheel housing.

In the pic above, a 1932 Model B transmission case is shown mounted to a 1933-1934 Model 46 flywheel housing. It is clear that the transmission case bolt flange obstructs the hole in the flywheel housing for the engine steady rod mounting.

Thus a 1932 Model B transmission case cannot be used as-is in a stock 1933-1934 Model 40/46 four cylinder car or truck with a stock 1933-1934 flywheel housing.

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