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German G28T Crankshaft

The G28T Model BB counter-weighted crankshaft is pictured above. The G28T engine was an improved Model BB engine produced by Ford-Köln in Germany in the 1940's and 1950's. This engine was used in German Ford Ruhr trucks and Claas Mähdrescher combines of the era.

The G28T crankshaft is quite similar to the 1933-34 Model B crankshaft, except the G28T crankshaft is internally drilled for connecting rod oiling, and the G28T used steel shell insert bearings for the rod and main bearings.

The Model B crankshaft was used with babbitt bearings and a splash and gravity oiling system.

Pictured below for reference is the typical US Model B Ford counter-weighted crankshaft introduced in December 1932.

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