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One-piece Forged and Counterweighted

This is the new one-piece counterweighted forged steel crankshaft produced by Chris Robinson and Burlington Crankshaft. It is similar in design to the typical counterweighted Model B Ford crankshaft, but sized to original Model A rod and main bearing dimensions.

It was Chris' original intention and expectation that these new crankshafts would be used with poured babbitt bearings as original, but there is also a lot of interest among others in using this crankshaft with insert shell bearings.

Rich Fallucca now offers his insert main bearing shell kits and his new forged steel inserted connecting rods to fit this original stock sized crankshaft. There is a 0.002 inch 'mismatch' between the previously available 'standard' inserts and the original finished size of the crankshaft.

The reason is because earlier insert bearing conversions were adapted from other bearing applications, and were not based on original Model A Ford crankshaft sizes. Using traditional undersized insert bearings would require the brand new crankshaft to be ground an additional 0.002 inch smaller in diameter.

Rich now makes 0.002 inch 'undersize' insert bearings to fit the Burlington crankshaft correctly, new out of the box. This is the most desirable and highest quality solution if using inserts.

The cost of the crankshaft is about $975, which is not too unreasonable when compared to the cost and risk of trying to find a suitable original core to have counterweights added, crankshaft straightened, journals ground undersized, springy mess properly balanced, and all while trying to keep the virtual center of the flywheel flange in the correct alignment and attitude, in order to avoid creating a paint mixer at the flywheel.

There are lots of costly horror stories out there regarding reconditioning used Model A crankshafts, both with and without adding counterweights.

The crankshaft is forged from 4340 alloy steel and heat treated. It is a very well made and well-machined item, but as you might guess, it is made in China (by an OEM professional crankshaft producer).

The perceived quality appearance and workmanship of this new crankshaft is far superior to any original Ford Model A crankshaft I have ever seen.

  1. Material: 4340 forged steel.
  2. Web hardness: Brinell 260-320
  3. Main and rod journals nitridation hardened to HV > 500
  4. Product axial runout measured at the center main bearing with the front and rear main bearings mounted in V-blocks will not exceed 0.002 inches.
  5. Main and rod journals will not be out-of-round exceeding 0.0003 inches.
  6. Main and rod journals will not taper more than 0.0005 inches on length of bearing surface.
  7. Rod journal size tolerance: 1.498 / 1.499 inches.
  8. Main journal size tolerance: 1.623 / 1.624 inches.
  9. Dynamic and static balance will be within 2.5 grams.

Based on what have I seen and measured, I have very high confidence and expectations for this crankshaft, though I have not actually built an engine and run it yet.

If you want to order this new forged and counterweighted crankshaft, contact:

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Pictured below for reference and comparison is the typical stock Model B counterweighted crankshaft introduced by Ford in December 1932.

The Model B crankshaft was used with poured and machined babbitt bearings, and a splash and gravity oiling system, similar to the Model A Ford engine.

Also for comparison, an original Ford-Köln G28T-6303-B2 counterweighted crankshaft is pictured above.

The G28T engine was an improved Model BB engine produced by Ford-Köln in Germany in the 1940's and 1950's. This engine was used in German Ford Ruhr trucks and Claas Mähdrescher combines of the era.

The G28T crankshaft above is quite similar to the typical Model B counterweighted crankshaft, except that it is internally drilled for connecting rod oiling.

The G28T Ford engine used replaceable babbitt-lined steel shell insert bearings for the rod and main bearings.

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