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Original Head Gasket Details

Here is some detail information about original Model A Ford head gaskets, as taken from the original Ford detail drawing, A-6051-A. Also shown is an original McCord head gasket which mostly conforms to the drawing.

This is the Ford detail drawing note specifying the Ford script to appear on the gasket.

The note above identifies the number assigned to each Ford supplier and the location for the mark to appear.

This is an original gasket made by McCord, their number 5559. Note that this particular gasket is hemmed around the outside edge. No asbestos showing.

Later McCord Model A replacement head gaskets were number 5571 and were not hemmed around the outside edge.

The pic above shows the Ford script on the gasket. For some reason the stamped copper was assembled with the lettering reversed on the backside.

This pic shows the reverse number "3", which was Ford's supplier number per the drawing, not McCord's! Hmmm?

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January 2004