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Head Stud Removal Tools

The following pics show several tools for removing cylinder head studs from a Model A Ford cast iron engine block (or other castings) without damaging the stud, the block, or its threads.

The tools shown are all Snap-on brand tools, and I have used them all successfully over the years on various studs.

On the left is shown an inexpensive A50 cam wedge tool. The tool in the center is a CG500 thread tightening collet, and the tool on the right is an A80A shank gripping collet.

The disadvantage to the cam wedge tool is that it applies the torque off-axis to the stud, and can sometimes break a stubborn stud off flush. The other two tools apply the torque evenly along the stud axis, which is preferable.

Pictured above are all three tools on studs, ready to remove.

The advantage of the thread-gripping collet shown in the center is that it can often be used to remove a stud before the head is removed. This is sometimes helpful in removing a stuck cylinder head by first removing as many studs as possible.

The thread collet tool is not so practical if the stud is rusted or seized in the block. In that case the head must be removed first to avoid twisting off the stud.

The shank gripping tool above is the most expensive, however it works the best and is my personal favorite. It has three spring loaded serrated cams/jaws which grip the stud shank above the block and applies even torque to the base of the stud.

The tool action is also reversible and can be used to tighten studs.

In the event that a stud is broken off flush with the block, the best method to remove the remains is to use the TIG welded nut technique, described in the Broken Stud Removal web page link below.

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