Rainmaker Ron's Shop Tour

Ron put on a get together at his shop/business (Standard Auto Parts) last weekend in Peoria Illinois for a couple of the local Model A clubs.

He and Gary Herrmann gave a presentation on the Model A electrical system, and basic troubleshooting of same.

Coffee and doughnuts were plenty, the place was spotless, and smiling faces were everywhere!

After the presentation, Ron showed us some of the specialty tools he's made over the years.

We also got a good look at some of the manufacturing tools he's created, and each participant was given a blank piece of metal and allowed to stamp out their own flag holder...pretty neat!

After we were done inspecting the tools and collections of toys and old car related items, Ron opened up another building so we could have a closer look at all the old cars hidden inside.

Ron has an impeccably clean and well organized shop/business, and is worth visiting if you get the chance!

He also has a few Model A parts for sale...

Robert Hesselmann
January 30, 2007

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