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Zenith Carburetor Numbering

The scan above is from the Ford detail drawing for the carburetor lower casting. The notes clearly show the meaning of the Zenith 1, 2, and 3 designations found on the Model A Ford carburetors.

The purpose of the numbers was to identify the manufacturer of the carburetor for quality and 'warranty' reasons, in order that defective parts from dealers could be properly returned and credited.

The design was owned by Zenith, but Henry Ford had a close personal friendship with George Holley. Many Model A carburetors were produced by Ford's long standing supplier Holley, under license from Zenith. Also note that the Holley name is misspelled on the Ford drawing!

Restorers of carburetors are also aware of the numerous detail differences and various supplier markings found on many individual components which distinguish the Zenith, Holley, and Ford produced carburetors.

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January 2002