Model A Zenith Carburetor

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Gas Adjusting Valve (GAV) Wrenches & Sockets

This is one of the service tools that Ford and KR Wilson forgot to make.

It is a special Williams 8021 13/32 inch hex wrench for removing and installing the original brass gas adjusting valve (GAV) housing in the Model A Ford Zenith carburetor lower cast iron body. These wrenches were also produced under the Armstrong name.

The Model A Zenith GAV threads are 1/8 inch pipe thread. Model B Zenith carburetors use a press-fit brass GAV housing into the iron casting, not a threaded style GAV.

There is very small clearance between the brass hex and the iron carburetor casting, making it difficult to remove or install the GAV housing without damage.

The difficulty with the original design is that 13/32" is a very unusual size, and low profile deep well sockets in this size are not readily available. Open end wrenches do not have room to move and will round off the hex on the GAV. Conventional box end wrenches will not fit in the space available.

This handy 6 point 13/32 inch wrench above is one of a limited number made and sold by Rob Mills several years ago and it also works great.

In addition to wrenches, this excellent 13/32 inch 12 point socket was produced in 1/4" drive by Snap-on Tools years ago specifically for the Zenith carburetor GAV, and was part of their series of carburetor service tools.

For Sale:
These 13/32 inch Williams wrenches and Snap-on sockets have been out of production for many years now, but I often have a couple of nice used ones available for sale for $45 each for the wrench, and $35 each for the socket (socket only, not T-handle).

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May 2001