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Bill Stipe's Reproduction Shock Absorbers

Highlighted on this page are the new reproduction Houdaille shock absorbers engineered by Bill Stipe for the Model A & B Ford. Stipe shocks were first introduced in late 2008, and now have nearly 10 years of sterling reputation!

These shock absorbers are entirely brand new, made in the USA by Stipe Machine Co., and are of the highest quality materials and manufacture. It doesn't get any better than that!

It should also be noted that genuine Stipe shock absorbers are only available directly from Stipe Machine. The shocks available in parts catalogs are the knockoffs, and not the improved Stipe shocks.

These shocks were re-engineered by Bill to address some of the design and structural deficiencies of the original Houdaille design, which have become apparent after 85 years of use.

Although other parts suppliers such as Bratton's and Snyder's have now each cloned the original appearance Houdaille shocks themselves, Bill Stipe's US Made shock absorbers are the only ones on the market which also retain the original oil capacity, the original valve action, and the original adjustability.

Designed for Optimum Oil Capacity and Performance

The two competitor's reproduction shocks are already at a disadvantage compared to the original Houdailles or to Bill's superior engineered shocks due to the fact that the competitors' shocks are sealed and have greatly reduced oil capacity by design. They market this as a feature, but actually it is a huge disadvantage and is no feature at all. Only Stipe shocks are at a quality and performance level on par or beyond the original Houdailles.

Oil capacity and valve action are important because insufficient oil capacity is one of the most common root causes for shock absorber failure. Valve action with insufficient oil quantity leads to elevated temperatures and foaming of the oil. This then leads to seal leakage, oil loss, and loss of function.

Stipe shocks are also engineered to use modern premium ISO 150 (SAE 40) synthetic hydraulic oil. Original Houdaille shocks used a glycerin based organic oil.

Insufficient oil volume in competitor's reproduction shocks causes the oil temperature to rise, which then causes seals to blow and leak, further reducing oil capacity, further increasing the oil temperature, causing further loss of the remaining oil, and ultimately leading to complete functional failure!

Accept no substitute for Stipe shocks!
Contact Stipe Machine and get yours today!

Stipe Machine Co. Inc
N5718 County Road M
Plymouth, Wisconsin 53073
Specialty Motor Cams web site.

Bill's shocks are entirely adjustable as per the original design, but are more precisely manufactured, and to tighter tolerances than the originals. These shocks are all produced from alloy steel billet on high speed state-of-the art CNC machining centers.

Though these shocks are of the highest design and manufacturing quality, they are not sufficiently identical in appearance to originals to pass close scrutiny in national Fine Point judging competition.

Details of the machining and engraving are the most noticeable differences which give them away as non-original. However they are the best choice for any car other than an actual national top show competitor. Perhaps not the lowest cost solution, but definitely the best quality and performance.

Contact Stipe Machine and get yours today!

Stipe Machine Co. Inc (and Specialty Motor Cams)
N5718 County Road M
Plymouth, Wisconsin 53073
Stipe Machine & Specialty Motor Cams web site.

Passing of the Torch at Stipe Machine ~ A new generation!

Bill, Tony, and Dieter Stipe Interview

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