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Ford Garage

Deluxe Steering Column Drop

Pictured above is the special A-3514 spacer released to slightly lower the steering column and steering wheel on the 1930 Deluxe Phaeton and Victoria. The spacer was first released in June 1930, and was used with the integral gas tank-mounted upper steering column support.

This spacer was inserted between the gas tank-mounted upper steering column support and the steering column tube. The spacer is made from die cast zinc and uses two special longer bolts. The lower piece of the column support is the same standard A-3519 cast steel support used on all Model A's.

An original Ford photo of the spacer installed on a Victoria can be seen on page 171 in George DeAngelis' book, The Ford Model A "As Henry Built It".

This pic shows the bottom view of the spacer, and the special long mounting bolts.

This separate spacer was used until the end of April 1931, when the long one-piece dash-mounted upper steering column support part number A-3520-F was introduced. (shown below)

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