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Ignition Components Table

The table below is a summary of the aftermarket ignition interchange part numbers I have been able to determine for the typical Model A and B Ford ignition tune-up items like points, rotors, condensors, distributor caps, etc.

Do you have any to add to the list?

Description Ford Niehoff Filko Standard
Motorcraft Echlin
A Contact Points Set A-12199 FF-14-15 48-45 FD 1718 DP-104 CS 30 F 81
A Contact Arm A-12162 FF 14 FB 48 FA 16
A Contact Screw A-12172 FF 15 FC 45 FA 7
B Contact Points Set B-12199 FF-23-15 49-45 F-82-W
B Contact Arm B-12162 FF 23 FB 49 FA 14
B Contact Screw B-12172 FF 15 FC 45 FA 7
A Condenser A-12300 FO 200 FD 11 DC-1 FA 5 F 580
B Condenser B-12300 FF 21 FO 201 FD 55 FA 10 F 581
Rotor B-12200 FF 12 FO 71 FD 15 FA 3 F 901
Distributor Body B-12105 FO 70 FD 22 F 900
Distributor Cap B-12115 FO 70A FD 21 FA 9 F 902
Distributor Cap
FF 71 F 928
A Upper Plate
w/ Points
FF 106 BA-2
A Upper Plate
w/o Points
A-12151 BA-2LP FD 29 FA 30
A Lower Plate Asm A-12148 BA-20 F 3811

A word about Condensers:

It is generally unreliable and not recommended to use old or NOS condensers due to the technology used to make them. Many of them are subject to failure due to perforation of the internal wax paper type insulator which separates the foil layers.

The failure risk is compounded by the physical location of the condenser on a Model A. It is placed inside the cast iron distributor casting, just above the cylinder head, and close to the exhaust manifold. This is a high temperature environment with little air circulation or cooling.

Virtually all other automotive condensers are placed up high and away from engine heat, and inside more thermally conductive aluminum distributors.

To minimize the risk of condenser failure, it is generally held that the modern "burnout-proof" condensers produced specifically by A&L Parts Specialties are the best performing and most reliable. They have a modern polyester film internal insulator and are specifically designed to withstand the high heat conditions found in the Model A application.

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February 2008