Model B & Model 40/46

Model A Ford Garage

Distributor Details

Here is the Ford Parts catalog illustration for the 1932-1934 Ford Model B distributor, with part numbers.

This clearly shows the similarity to the Model A distributor, however the Model B has an automatic centrifugal advance mechanism designed into it.

These distributors were produced for Ford by SP, Autolite, and American Bosch. The upper point plate and the movable point arm are often marked with the corresponding company logo.

The following pics show some close-up details of individual components. Most pics are of NOS pieces I have acquired.

Note the SP logo on the upper point plate. Also note the American Bosch logo on the movable point arm on the plate.

Note the Ford script and the B-12300 part number on the zinc case of the NOS condenser.

Nothing works better than genuine Ford parts, NOS when available!

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