GAZ-67 Model B

Model A Ford Garage

Engine Start Video

The Soviet Union began producing Model A's in Russia under license from Ford in 1932.

A new plant designed by Albert Khan for Ford and operated with advisors from Ford USA was built. The GAZ-AA trucks and Model A Phaetons were first produced there.

In later years the Russians began producing their own variants based on the Ford Model B, such as the GAZ-67 Four Wheel Drive 'jeep' for World War II.

The video below from Eduard in Estonia shows the startup of his ГАЗ-67 Model B restoration. Very nice!

Note the water pump, manifolds, and carburetor on this engine.

In the Roman alphabet GAZ stands for Gorkovsky Avtomobilny Zavod, Nizhny Novgorod, translated as Gorky Automobile Plant. In Russian Cyrillic "Го́рьковский Автомоби́льный Заво́д" is shortened to "ГАЗ" (GAZ).

1943 GAZ-67

Look familiar? Photo by Piotr Widuchowski

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