Russian GAZ-67B

Model A Ford Garage

Gas Tank & Instrument Panel

Pictured below are gas tank and instrument panel details from the Russian ГАЗ-67B Model B military 'jeep'. In the Roman alphabet GAZ stands for Gorkovsky Avtomobilny Zavod, Nizhny Novgorod, translated as Gorky Automobile Plant.

GAZ first began producing Model A's in the Soviet Union under license from Ford in 1932. These were built in a new plant designed together with Ford, and initially launched with advisors from Ford USA.

In later years through about 1953, the Russians themselves designed and produced many truck and military variants based on the basic Model B Ford engine and chassis designs.

Photographs borrowed from online forums based in Eastern Europe.

Original Russian GAZ-67B layout drawing for the instrument and control panel shown above. Note the similarity to that of the US 1931 Ford Model A.

This view clearly shows the GAZ-67B gas tank constuction. The tank has the RH side drain bung and inside shut off valve like a typical 1928-31 Model A. However, the steering column bracket is dash mounted, not tank mounted. The column bracket itself is also similar to the US 1931 style column bracket used on indented firewall Model A's. Additionally, there were three simple metal brackets affixed to the lower tank for mounting various choke and control cables.

Also note the US style emergency brake and 4WD transfer case control handles. The GAZ-67B used a Model B engine with a Model BB 4 speed truck transmission mounted behind a Model A flywheel and clutch housing. The 4 speed transmission lever and reverse lockout is also evident in this pic.

Pictured above is the 1930-31 style ribbed instrument panel with a round GAZ logo kilometer speedometer. Also note the interesting original GAZ design of round gas gauge retaining nuts, unlike the ten-point outer and eight-point inner nuts used in the US. The ignition switch is not original.

The two pics above clearly show the three control cable brackets mounted to the gas tank, as well as a panel indentation above the steering column location.

1943 GAZ-67

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