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Choke Cables

This pic shows the ends of two Model B style choke cables, identical except for length. The shorter one is for Model B, whereas the longer one is for Model 46. A longer BB and Commercial cable was also produced for use with the engine speed governor. This is based on interpretation of Service Bulletins and service parts books.

This view shows the differences in length found in various 32-34 choke cables.
The upper cable 46-9700 is 41-1/2 inches overall length and is for 1933-34 vehicles, whereas the lower B-9700 is 35-3/4 inches overall length and is for 1932 passenger cars.
A longer BB-9700 was for big trucks, and was about 34-1/2 inches long.

The gas adjusting valve (GAV) driver is crimped on the end and the groove in it is for a snap ring to retain the choke lever operating sleeve.

The pic above shows the choke lever actuating sleeve and return spring used on the four cylinder.

The cadmium plated sleeve is retained on the choke cable assembly by a small wire snap ring which goes in the groove in the GAV driver on the end of the cable.

The return spring bears against the cable clamp on the intake manifold. Also shown is the special tapered end coil return spring.

Pictured above is an unusual NOS 1932 choke cable. It has the characteristic 1932 knob, but is made short with a spring loaded snap end for a throttle lever type connection. I believe this is for a right hand drive RHD V8.

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