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Intake Manifold and Carburetor Mounting Flange Variations

This is the earliest style Model B intake manifold which was designed for a vacuum assisted clutch. A pipe was to go around the front of the engine to a vacuum canister mounted to the block on the left hand side. You may have seen an early B block with a cast pad and two drilled and tapped holes on the drivers side crankcase for the vacuum unit.

This vacuum assisted clutch was dropped very early in the 1932 development. The manifold is not particularly unusual or valuable. Ford used up these manifolds by placing a big reducer bushing in the big front port for the vacuum wiper.

This is the reducing bushing which went in the front port for the wiper, in place of the vacuum assist clutch pipe on the early intakes.

The pic above shows both the early and late style Model B intakes. On the later intake, the vacuum wiper port was made smaller and moved to the rear. The threaded boss at the rear is for mounting the choke cable support clamp.

Another view of both production Model B intakes. Early style on top, later style on bottom.

This pic above shows a standard Model A intake on the bottom, and a typical late Model B intake on top.

The intake in the middle is a very unusual Model B which has the carburetor mounting holes parallel to the block like a Model A.

Virtually all Model B's had the carburetor holes angled slightly inboard at the rear like the typical B intake on the top.

This pic above shows the angle of the typical Model B carburetor mounting holes. These holes are at a parallel position on Model A intakes, and do not have this angle.

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