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Steering Sector Housings

This pic shows the relative differences between the 1932 steering sector housing on the left, and the 1933-34 sector housing on the right. Note the 'B-' prefix on the 1932 part number, and the '40-' prefix on the 1933-34.

The pic above illustrates the different rotational positions and attitude of the frame attaching flanges. 1932 is on the left, 1933-34 is shown on the right.

The 1932 commercial housing on the left is also shown with needle bearings and a seal, though that is not original (later modification by a restorer). Original sector housings all had solid rolled bronze bushings, and later era Ford replacement bushings were steel and bronze 'Clevite' construction (Cleveland Graphite).

Also note that the 1932 housing (at left) has a small 'B' stamped in the machined face (red circle). That 'B' signifies that the steering gear assembly was a '-B' suffix part number, and was for a 1932 commercial chassis, not a passenger car.

The three-hole mounting pattern on this 1932 '-B' suffix commercial housing is rotated clockwise slightly (red arrow) compared to the 1932 passenger housing, and this places the column more upright for commercial chassis.

If you have a 1932 column that does not line up properly with the frame holes on your 1932 car, it very well may have a commercial sector housing. Both 1932 housings were machined from the same casting, with the holes slightly rotated off-center on the ears (red arrow) for commercial use. Check yours!

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