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NOS 'Big Truck' Steering Wheel

Pictured above is an NOS BB-3600-B1 steering wheel as used on all Model BB and Model 51 heavy duty trucks from 1932 until 1938, and possibly beyond.

This four-spoke steering wheel looks like a 1930-31 Model A steering wheel at first glance, however it is unique to heavy truck and will not fit a Model A.

This hub fits the large Model BB truck steering shaft taper and has a single locating keyway position rather than two.

The most distinctive difference is the shape of the back of the hub, and the interface to the small straight 1932-39 era steering column tube.

It is a much smaller diameter tube than that of the Model A.

This particular wheel is a Sheller-Globe style wheel, though some others are the same geometry made in hard rubber material.

Good original Model BB truck steering wheels are very difficult to find and are not currently being reproduced.

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January 2008