1931 Model A

Ford Garage

Deluxe Tudor Sedan 55-B Details

Shown below are a series of photos of an unrestored original late 1931 Deluxe Tudor Sedan, body style 55-B.

The Deluxe Tudor Sedan was distinguished by cowl lights, premium exterior colors, premium interior fabrics, carpeted floor coverings, mahogany wood graining of trim moldings, deluxe style interior hardware, an adjustable driver's seat, pillar mounted assist straps, a silk rear window curtain, and rear seat armrests.

Many thanks to Brian Martin for providing the photos of this great car.

Chicken track pattern on cowl cardboard.

Adjuster handle on driver's seat.

Sliding tracks on driver's seat.

Deluxe width folding seat.

Silk rear window curtain.

Rear seat armrests.

Non-adjustable passenger seat.

Tool storage under rear seat cushion.

Gas tank pin striping.

Mahogany woodgrain finish.

Note method of retaining wind lace to front of door.

Belt molding paint masking.

Riveted support irons and plywood floorboard construction.

Adjustable driver's seat.

Non-adjustable passenger seat.

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