1928-29 Model A & AA

Ford Garage

Truck Windshield Slide Arm Hardware

Pictured above is the original special windshield slide arm pivot hardware used on the 1928-29 Model A and AA truck cabs 82-A, station wagon 150-A, and panel deliveries 79-A and 85-A.

Though these parts have been painted black at some point, there is original nickel plating on the arm, barrel nut, spacer, and screw.

  1. The brass barrel nut has a 3/8" hex x 5/64" thick head, and a 19/64" OD x 33/64" long barrel.
  2. The brass spacer is 5/8" OD x 5/16" ID x 1/4" thick.
  3. The large flat washer is brass, appearing to be nickel plated. It is 37/64" OD x 23/64" ID x 1/64" thick.
  4. The flat steel washer shown may or may not be original. It is 3/8" OD x 3/16" ID x 1/64" thick.
  5. The slotted head screw is also brass, 7/16" OD x 1/16" thick head, and with a #10-24 screw thread 21/64" long.

The slide arms are the thin style, 5/32 " thick brass, with the detent position. They also have the characteristic trademark stamped near the pivot hole.

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