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E.G.Budd 1928-29 Truck Cab 82-A

Shown here are a series of photos from the Budd Company archives taken in August 1929 showing the framing of the 1928-29 Model A truck cab, style 82-A in Budd's plant.

It appears that Budd supplied Ford with the framed and assembled cab, less the cowl and gas tank, but including pillars, doors, back panel, roof wood, cowl opening and floor panels.

Note the 1929 Tudor sedan body side outer panel in the background.

Above is a view of the body framing fixture standing on end, pointed nose down. This fixture allowed all the various panels to be properly positioned prior to subsequent welding, riveting, and bolting operations. Note the cab in the background with the roof wood installed.

The Edward G. Budd company was based in Philadelphia, PA, and was an industry leader in the design and construction of all-steel auto bodies. Unlike Ford, GM, and others, Budd did not have access to vast reserves of timber for wood framed bodies, and so developed their expertise in sheet metal stamping and structural panel sub-assemblies capable of being efficiently nested and shipped by rail to Ford plants for final assembly. These modular panel constructed bodies used minimal wood content, primarily for top and trim.

In addition, Budd was a large supplier of completely assembled all-steel bodies to Chrysler Corporation in the 1920s and 1930s.

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