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Winfield Model S & SR Carburetor Rebuild Kit

Pictured here are the parts for the Winfield Model S and SR racing carburetor included in the rebuild kit produced by Barry Bowyer.

This is a very nice Made in USA gasket and diaphragm kit and the quality is excellent. No disappointments!

The basic S kit includes the gasket for the float chamber, fuel inlet filter housings, throttle body-to-float chamber, as well as each of the various size manifold gaskets for all carburetor sizes including A, AA, B, BB, C, CC, and D. Original Winfield instructions are also included. Cost is $20.00

The kit for the SR carburetor also includes the diaphragm and spring, valve springs, and phenolic valve discs in addition to the gasket set. Cost is $53.00 plus $7.00 shipping per order.

If you want to order a rebuild kit, contact:
Barry Bowyer
2509 Valencia Ave
Santa Ana, California 92706
(714) 972-1911 home
(714) 745-7444 cell

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November 2008