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Here are a series of pics outlining some of the problems with repro water pump shafts and fan hubs. A year ago I was on a quest looking for good water pump shafts and/or fan hubs. Mostly what I found was a lot of junk. I bought a couple of hundred dollars worth of parts from 4-5 different sources. At the end of the day I am using an original fan and the only good shaft I found (which Don Turley got for me).

Hard to see in the pic, but this taper is actually two tapers (neither one correct) and has a distinct transition between the two. JUNK! This is the shaft kit which has two ball bearings installed and fits an original casting with no machine work. I put this on a lathe and reworked the taper till it was "usable", though I am not using it.

Here is a plain replacement shaft from another supplier. Also hard to see in the pic, but this taper is actually ground non-concentric with the shaft centerline.

JUNK! I've seen several of this variation now.

This is the steel hub on the plastic six blade fan. The taper hub is machined improperly and exposes the end of the taper, preventing the nut from tightening the hub on the shaft.

The hub also wobbles on the shaft taper. The shaft is an NORS Toledo shaft from the 40's or 50's and is good, it is the repro steel hub that is bad. Original hubs fit the quality Toledo shaft just fine.

I later tried this same hub on an NOS Model A water pump shaft I acquired, and it does not properly fit that shaft either.

The hub is JUNK!

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July 2003