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V8 60 Flathead Ford Motorcycle

Pictured above is the V8 60 Flathead Ford powered motorcycle built by Dale Olson of Illinois.

The stock V8 60 waterpumps were retained.

The gas tank was split and widened and hollowed to allow the stock intake manifold and carburetor to be retained. Amazing!

The chain drive was accomplished by gutting the transmission, cutting the case short, adapting a right angle drive, and putting a sprocket out the side.

The engine is direct drive to the right angle drive through the clutch pressure plate which had every other spring removed. This made it softer and the clutch is hand operated on the handle bar.

There is no shifting gears, only slipping the clutch to proceed from a stop.

Dale has also built Lincoln V12 flathead powered bikes! Follow the link on Ford Garage to see some pics!

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July 2000