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Electrical Troubleshooting

Triplett Model 60 VOM

The reason analog volt-ohm meters are preferred by many people is because they are often easier to read at a glance, from odd angles, or from a distance. These are conditions often found when crawling around, under, and through the Model A chasing an electrical issue.

Another reason analog meters are useful is due to their resistance to spurious inputs and signals which sometimes make high sample rate digital meters act erratic. Analog meters have a damped behavior to changing input signals.

Electrical interference on a Model A is often due to the high energy unshielded ignition system with solid metal conductors. The Model A ignition wires and spark plugs can act like little radio frequency transmitters and antennas, and can interfere with other electronic devices nearby, especially digital ones.

Pictured above is my favorite analog meter (all my digital meters are Fluke's). I bought my Triplett Model 60 new when I was in college and it is now more than 30 years old. Triplett still makes this same meter today. It is a classic. High quality never goes out of style. It is also American made and comes with a three year warranty!

Here are the features of the Triplett Model 60 Analog VOM from their website:

DC Voltage:

AC Voltage:


DC Current:



Meter & Scale:

Overload Protection:

Confidence Test:



Shipping Weight:

Accessories Included:


June 2006