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Straightening the Front Spreader Bar

by Scott Johnstone

Scott Johnstone recently posted this great tech tip on, and graciously allowed it to be posted on Ford Garage as well! Here is his story and pics:

The front spreader bar on my wagon was bent and dented up. I looked around for an original replacement, but they are too pricey. Looked at repros, too thin. Some suggested welding in a new tube, but I don’t weld and would have to pay to get it done.

Well after some procrastination and some thought, I used our shops recently purchased 2-ton press and straightened it out. I put a wood block with holes drilled in them to bolt on the spreader tube, on each end. That allowed me to unbend the spreader evenly.

Next I had to figure out how to pop out the dents. I need to fit whatever I used in past the inside welds. I decided to use 1-inch diameter pipe cut diagonally to form wedges. I got the pipe from Lowes; they sell it in different lengths. I was now able to put the two pipe wedges in and wedge them under the dents.

I used a section of pipe to drive the wedges together to pop out most of the dent. I then went back and used the wedges as a dolly to hammer the dents out.

I am pretty happy with the results.

Keep V-8ing and 4-banging!

Scott Johnstone
August 2010

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