British 1935-36 Model AA & BB

One-ton and 30-cwt Truck Truck Instruction Book

Model A Ford Garage

Shown above is the September 1935 Instruction Book for these One-ton and 30-cwt trucks.

The One-ton and 30-cwt (1-1/2 Ton) trucks were built in Great Britain in the 1930's and are a variation of the US Model AA and BB trucks.

These trucks were built with both three speed and four speed transmissions.

The One-ton used a 3/4 floating rear truck axle, and the 30-cwt used a full floating rear axle.

The basic cab and sheet metal was based on the Model A, but the engine was a Model B mated to a Model A flywheel housing.

Additionally, these trucks were all right hand drive models.

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1935 Ford England One-ton and 30-cwt. Truck

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For more detail about the differences and unique features of the these half Model AA and half Model BB trucks, visit the British One-ton and 30-cwt Truck details page on Ford Garage.

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