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Reproduction Engine Oil Dip Stick

Here's another wonderful example of a totally useless reproduction part. My friend ordered this from one of the big well known catalogs. Why, I don't know. Original dip sticks are plentiful at swap meets for a buck apiece, but maybe this shiny new one was more appealing.

So what's the problem? Only that the cross section is the wrong shape and about 15% too large. Note the cross section which is larger than a half-circle. Compare it to the cross section of an original.

It does not matter what size hammer you use, you are not going to drive even the single thickness length of the stick into the crankcase hole. And you can forget about the last inch of installation!

I wonder what other high tech parts this dip stick supplier makes?

As they say, "Be careful, it's dangerous out there".

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December 2003