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Reproduction Brake Pedal to Cross Shaft Actuating Rod

Shown above is a new reproduction A-2462 Model A brake pedal to cross shaft actuating rod which broke between the brake pedal and the cross shaft.

This was recently posted on by Tom Wesenberg. Thanks for his permission to post it here, also! Here is the story in his own words:

This is lucky because it broke while parked in the garage, rather than on the road.

Today I was helping a friend work on restoring his 31 wide bed PU. He pushed the brake pedal with his hand and heard a snap. The pedal went to the floor and didn't return, because the brake rod to the crosshaft had snapped in two.

The metal looks crystalized and it also looks like it had a crack from day one, as a bit of paint is showing in the broken area. This is a new repro part, but he doesn't recall where he bought it.

I drove the chassis on the street in 2002 for a few miles, then we drove it back into the garage and have been working on putting the body on, etc. Today he pushed the brake pedal with his hand to check the clearance alongside the battery hold down, and got an unpleasant surprise.

Moral of the Story: Reproduction parts can ruin your whole driving experience!

February 2010

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