Charlie Range Model B Ford Parts Auction

Model A Ford Garage

Waterford, Michigan

October 27, 2001

Here are a few pics of the estate dispersal auction of Charlie Range, an avid hoarder of NOS parts who lived a few blocks away from me. This was a well attended auction with many NOS '32 goodies, as well as many NOS Model A parts.

Charlie worked for Ford Parts Depot in Des Moines and Ford Tractor in Birmingham for many years, and many of these parts were amassed in the 1960s and 1970s.

The selling area, not showing the garages.

NOS 1930-31 Radiator.

NOS 1932 fronts.

NOS 1928-29 rears.

1932 Phaeton, some assembly required.

Used junk in foreground. Hey, who's that guy in the blue cap digging through the small boxes of NOS goodies? {grin}

NOS Model B muffler.

NOS Front cross-members.

More NOS Model A and B sheetmetal.

More used junk.


Too bad it's got a couple of rust scratches, otherwise it would be pretty nice. {grin}

Hey, if you've seen one ratty firewall, you've seen them all!

I can't seem to find my pic of the other dozen deuce grilles, but this gives you the idea. I am also missing my pics of the dozen mint '32 dash panels also.

Did I happen to mention that Charlie also had a lot of nice '32 goodies?

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