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Pinion Bearing Race Removal

The following pics show how I disassemble the the pinion gear bearing race from the banjo housing on a Model A or B Ford. The race is press-fit into the housing and must be pulled out.

The puller set is a GM Kent-Moore kit I found at the used tool store for $15. It has all sorts of handy adaptors for automotive service. From the pics you can see what I did and make your own. This is just one way of doing it and it works very nicely.

Banjo housing with the pressed in race.

All you really need is a tapered plug on the inside to fit the race, a stand off 'socket' on the outside, and a draw bolt between them. This kit has other parts I used as spacers because the bolt was too long.

All positioned to draw the race out of the housing and into the hollow socket.

The impact gun actually does a nice job of drawing the bearing out smoothly.

Don't have any similar tools to use?

Here is great trick to try which was posted on by Glenn C. Smith from Alberta, Canada. Thanks for his permission to add it here!

On any Timkin type of bearing that will not be used again, weld a bead around the face of the inside race, and when it cools the bearing race will fall out. Therefore no damage to housing, tools, eyes or hands.

The welding method also works especially well for front wheel hub bearings and rear axle housing inside bearing races.

You may stuff a wet cold rag in the welded race to improve shinkage. I have used this method for bearing removal for 40 years.
Glenn C. Smith

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