Model A

Ford Garage

1928 Multi Disc Clutch Plates

The photo and comments on this page comes courtesy of Tom Wesenberg.

Here's a picture of the NOS original woven discs with brass wires, and the Ford replacement molded disc with "R" under the Ford script. I'd guess the "R" stands for "relined" disc. To the left of the "Ford" script, it reads "MADE IN USA UNDER PATENTS...." giving several patent numbers.

Notice the brass or copper staples holding the ends of the woven lining together. Once the woven linings are riveted to the steel discs, the staples really aren't needed and will be worn away along with the lining.

The discs are 6 3/8" OD and 4 3/8" ID by 0.150 inch thick for each of the 8 linings needed to make up the 4 driving discs of the multi-plate clutch pack.

Also notice the notch on the edge of one tooth on the woven lining. That indicates that disc has slightly wider teeth and is to be located closest to the throwout bearing, as that disc moves the least when the clutch pedal is depresed.

Having one disc with wider teeth helps keep the clutch pack snug in the flywheel, yet allows for easy release of the discs when the pedal is pushed down.

Now, if we could get one of the parts houses to have a bunch of these made up, they'd corner the market.

Tom Wesenberg
August 2008

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