1933 Model 40 & Model 46

Model A Ford Garage

Chassis & Engine Compartment

This is a rare pic of a 1933 four cylinder pickup chassis. This shows a commercial radiator shell, but the car and commercial chassis was essentially identical. This pic is from Mac Hils book on Restoring the 1932 - 1952 Ford Pickups.

This view above shows a close-up of the four cylinder engine in an original 1933 Model 40 coupe. Note the generator mounting, short water pump, and Model 46 four blade fan. (eBay listing photo)

This pic above shows the right hand view with the air cleaner and Model 46 exhaust manifold which was a renumbered Model A manifold, not at all like a 1932 manifold. (eBay listing photo)

The last pic above shows a 1933 passenger car engine and transmission with the Model 46 exhaust manifold, the rear engine steady rods connected directly to the flywheel housing, short water pump, "flat" crankshaft pulley, and the unique goose neck shaped front engine mount bracket. These are all unique features of 1933-34 car and commercial vehicles.

March 2004