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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wooster, Ohio

Large collection of original Model T, Model B, Fordson Tractor, and other parts and tools.

This auction was held near Fredericksburg, Ohio, in the thick of Amish country. I counted about 25 buggies today around the immediate area of the auction site.

There were tons of parts stashed in and around numerous sheds, walk-ins, trailers, and other storage sites. There were lots of nice good Model T parts, as well as a lot of Fordson tractor stuff that I did not photograph. Not very much Model A parts. Some mechanical and hoods and other assorted.

Model T splash aprons, fenders, etc. Some NOS I think.

Model B rear fender, etc.

Model B rear axle, etc, etc.

Several Model T turtle decks scattered about.

Model A and T frames.

Model TT Ruckstell axle, Columbia frame, TT chassis.

Trailer full of mechanical including a few B engines.

Another trailer load of Model T stuff, cabs, etc.

Model T doodlebug with winch attachment. Looks like a lot of fun! (BTW yes, that's a radio. Reuben is on the EMRS squad. I forgot to ask if he also has a little red flashing light and siren to put on top of the buggy when he is responding to a call!). Reuben is an Amish friend of the owner.

KR Wilson V8 power unit frame, transmission, and pulley.

KR Wilson V8 power unit dashboard and frame.

I think this is the front end out of a 1932 Toro golf course tractor. Set up for Model B engine.

Model TT Truck cab and lots of Model T parts at this auction.

This trailer load has been exposed to the elements only recently (it previously had a roof over it), however almost everything else has been under cover in numerous sheds and truck trailer bodies, etc.

Gordon Smith air compressor. Was running several years ago, but now seized.

Lots of brass hat Champion spark plugs.

Nice Sioux valve grinder.

Three 'B' front fenders.

This Tudor is an excellent un-restored and un-molested original, with original paint and no rust in the body. The RH rain gutter got smacked though. The fenders have all the typical distress. The bumper is an NOS one installed on the front. It looks a little grungy in the pic because the oil has picked up decades of dust. Actually it is excellent!

This is an excellent NOS 1932 Ford bumper in the original oiled paper which also goes with the Tudor for the rear. The other NOS '32 bumper is already installed on the front.

The hay was being taken off the Amish field across the road today for the auction parking.

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June 26, 2010