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Kwik-Way Line Boring Machine Instructions

The Kwik-Way Line Boring Machine is one of the most respected portable align boring fixtures for use on vintage engines, including the Model A, B, and V8 Ford. The Kwik-Way is a so-called universal machine, capable of being configured and mounted on a wide variety of different engine blocks.

The adaptability of the Kwik-Way LBM system is in contrast to the LEMPCO boring frame, for example, which is a purpose built frame specifically optimized to fit a select few blocks and no others.

The Kwik-Way LBM is a very well designed and well made tool system capable of align boring both crankshaft main bearings and camshaft bearings for both babbitt and insert conversions.

I was fortunate enough to purchase a complete NOS in-the-box Kwik-Way LBM setup. Used machines are typically hard to find, and even harder to find in good complete condition.

The instructions are reprinted below for the benefit of the people who may be missing them.

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January 2009