Model B

Model A Ford Garage

Hood Hook Variations

The pic above shows a pair of early style Model B hood hooks. The one on the left is definitely original and did have a chromed top before painting. It is a bolt-on style. The one on the right has a 1/2 inch longer stem, and also has the revised lower bracket, and is a rivet-on style. I am not sure on the application on this and would appreciate any information.

Pictured above are three varieties of 32 hood hooks, both chromed and painted. The one on the upper left is the typical bolt-on chromed 32 style. Below it is a painted version. The one in the middle has a revised bracket with a taller shape and a revised footprint. It is also a bolt-on style.

On the right are both plated and painted versions which have the revised footprint stamping, but are both rivet-on style. I do not know all the proper applications on these hood hooks and would appreciate any info the readers can share.

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February 2004