Ford Script Padlocks

Model A Ford Garage

Ford script brass padlocks are sometimes found at swap meets. Shown below are two types which are authentic Ford issue, though after the Model A era. I have never seen an original 1930 era script brass padlock, though they may well exist.

Pictured above is a typical 'Best' brand padlock belonging to the Ford Motor Company. These are industrial padlocks and are not sold retail. If you find one of these, it was stolen from Ford. Also, 'Best' keys are typically stamped "Do Not Duplicate" on one side.

'Best' brand locks are typically used by large corporations, manufacturers, government agencies, etc., as part of a comprehensive enterprise-wide lock and key management system.

The 'Best' locks are re-keyable and are typically coded to be operated by multiple levels of master keys. They are usually engraved with the name of the owning enterprise, such as 'Ford'.

Pictured above is a 'Hurd' brand brass padlock. Hurd locks have been standard equipment on most Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury vehicles since 1932. (Briggs & Stratton was the primary lock and key supplier during the Model A Ford era)

The Hurd padlock above was issued with new Ford pickup trucks in the late 1980's for the cable lock on the under-bed spare tire. They are brass construction and have a keyhole cover for added protection from dirt and water. Though not as professional as the 'Best' locks, the Hurd padlocks are very well made.

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March 1999