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I recently received this letter and pics from Mr. Ford Hilton of Coventry, Rhode Island. This is the car he and his father restored in the late 1940s. I hope you enjoy the story!
Here is the story in his own words:

In the spring of 1947 or 8 (I was 11 or 12 at the time), Dad found this 1932 B 4 cylinder wagon behind the store in the tiny beach community of Sound View, in Old Lyme Connecticut. It had 4 inches of beach sand in the back. The top above the door posts was rotten including the wooden header over the windshield. The side plywood was shot. All the metal was there, and it had only minimal rust. All the steel flooring was in good shape. He paid $95 for it, which at the time was fair value, and drove it home. At the time it was only 15/16 years old.

He (and I), spent the summer replacing the top rails, bows, slats and roof with all new correct material, removed and replaced the side plywood, scraped and sanded the wood strips on the sides. Then a coat of clear Duco Enamel.

He pulled the motor and rebuilt it, as it would hardly run and replaced the clutch. Finally, a spray coat of black on the frame and fenders, and tan on the cowl and hood. It was always kept inside, and he putted around town with it until the late 50's, when he sold it locally for less than $400, again the going rate at the time.

Also around 1948 he bought a 1932 B 4 cylinder coupe for less than $90. This one we cut up and made a homemade tractor with an extra 4 speed transmission and a worm drive Ford T truck rear end.

The wagon had the sweeping curve shifting lever, and Model A bumpers, which as far as we ever knew came on it when new. The only modification he did to the body was put an additional spare tire on the tailgate. The mechanics had no modifications.

Ford Hilton
November 2005

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