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Employee Badges

This pic shows my favorite Model A Ford era employee badges.

My favorite badge is the very rare K.R. Wilson employee number 59 badge. I collect K.R. Wilson Model A and B Ford era tools, and this badge is one of only two I have ever seen or heard of.

This is a very early Model T era KR Wilson badge based on the low number as well as the Arcade, New York address. KRW was located in Buffalo, New York during the Model A Ford era.

The two Ford badges are 1930s-1960's era employee badges. The Rouge is where the Model A's and B's were produced, and the Ford National Parts Depot badge reflects my unending interest in details of genuine Ford parts.

The pic above shows my Model A Ford era Murray Corporation employee badge. It would seem that a Murray Body badge should not be so unusual, but this is the only one of this type I have ever seen.

Pictured below are some additional neat Ford badges in my collection.

Pictured above is a Ford Store commissary token made from aluminum.

Below is a Model A Ford era radiator shell design tool check in brass from England.

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April 2004